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Pokemon Shaming by Mistress-of-Dragons
Pokemon Shaming
I'm a little late to the bandwagon but I've always wanted to do one of those pokemon shaming things that's been going around. I may do more, if I ever stop procrastinating haha... >.>;

Art © Mine
Pokemon © Nintendo
Tumblr: link
Shegion by Mistress-of-Dragons
I've always wanted to draw my Shepard and Legion together! I actually ship them a bit, but it's such an unpopular ship that there's like NO FANART of them. So I decided to fix that.

Wow I've been drawing a lot of Mass Effect recently.

Art © Me
Mass Effect © Bioware
Rei with Roses by Mistress-of-Dragons
Rei with Roses
Creative title is creative.

So today is a friend of mine's birthday, and he loves Rei Ayanami from Evangelion, so I thought I could draw him a little something. :)

Although I'm not too happy with it, seeing I only had 2 days to try to finish it, I wanted to put more detail into it but alas. I also tried drawing her in my own style but...... I don't know if I did it justice. :iconorzplz:

Evangelion © Hideaki Anno
Art © Me
Palette Challenge: Legion by Mistress-of-Dragons
Palette Challenge: Legion
So on tumblr, there's this art challenge that has a bunch of color palettes that you can draw with. I was asked to draw Legion in the #7 palette. I've never drawn anything with a restricted palette before, but it was fun! (although Legion has always been so hard for me to draw how do you even draw robots)

Art © Me
Legion © Bioware
Picture on Tumblr: Here
We are Legion by Mistress-of-Dragons
We are Legion
"...a terminal of the geth."
This is some fanart of Legion from Mass Effect that I did as a Christmas gift for one of my friends. Even though he's one of my favorite characters I rarely draw him since he's so difficult X__X

Legion © Bioware
Art © Me
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I've just been INCREDIBLY inactive. A lot has happened and I haven't really done much artwork, except for some sketches here and there. My life has been keeping me very busy, and I've been mostly on tumblr. Up until now I haven't been posting anything, but soon I'll be putting up some artwork that I've been working on.

Though a lot has changed with dA, I see there has been new layout and such... and I'm still unable to change my mood thing. Ah well, I'll just have to get used to it.


United States

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